Floral Castings

Photo By Nilo Hodge

Flowers are ephemeral beings, seeming to appear from the ether, glowing effervescent then quietly fading until the next season. 

Observing these cycles in nature is one of our great passions.  Pressing flowers had become a part of our family's relationship with the change of seasons, as an attempt to make the ephemeral tangible.    

Once we realized the magnificent detail available in preserving the impressions of flowers in clay and plaster, we traded our flower press in for a clay press and our journey of our floral castings began.

These floral pressings have a tender start.  Often starting as flowers selected lovingly from a client's property or a bride looking to preserve her boquet, these castings become heirloom pieces to hang on the wall or integrate into the architecture of a home.  

Our floral panels are custom.  Please email for inquiries on pricing.